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Reel Report: Rain, more high water, wind could make it tough on most central Gulf Coast fishermen
The awesome speckled trout in the shallows around Dauphin Island and into the Mississippi Sound should not be as greatly impacted by recent heavy rain as the fishing in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. Bass fishing in the bays near the Mobile Bay Causeway should hold up despite the rain, if the wind doesn’t whip them into a coffee-color froth. (File photo/Jon Hauge) There’s no easy way to say it: fishing is going to be tough over the next week for most folks along the central Gulf Coast.Local inshore guide Bobby Abruscato does provide one small ray of hope, saying that the awesome speckled trout bite he and others have been experiencing on shell-lined shallows from the Shoals to the Mississippi Sound’s north shore should rebound quicker than most areas.I really not sure how long it will take the Mobile-Tensaw Delta to rebound.Rises on the Tombigbee and Alabama rivers are forecast to send the Mobile River back up to a 7.6-foot crest at Barry Steam Plant on Monday. Unfortunately, the National Weather Service predicts the river will stay at this level for several days before beginning yet another excruciatingly slow fall. The Pascagoula River is also forecast to rise, cresting at 22.5 feet on Saturday at Merrill.The disconcerting thing about these forecasts is that do not include all of the rain that fell Wednesday night into Thursday let alone that precipitation expected to fall Friday.The bottom line is that actual river heights and resulting impacts on fishing could be more long-lasting than expected. Local runoff could make it hard to fish places like Dog River, Fowl River and Fish River for up to a week.Luckily, Abruscato said the water around Dauphin Island and into Mississippi Sound had become so salty and green,air jordan 13, that he does not expect drastic changes to occur.The biggest issue through Wednesday for fishermen planning a trip south will be the wind.After the low moves out of the area Thursday, a cool/cold wind was expected to clock from the northeast on Friday to the west and northwest through Tuesday and blow at varying speeds from 13 to 27 mph.Fishermen may be able to find comfortable fishing conditions on the lee side of some of the smaller islands in the Mississippi Sound, but they may risk losing a tooth or two making the run.On that north wind,air jordan retro 11, the east side of Coffee Island out of Bayou La Batre could be one of those rare spots where folks won’t take a beating getting there and the island will provide some protection from the wind.The entire east side of the island is basically a big oyster shell reef in less than 6 feet of water. The reef’s boundaries are marked with multiple pilings.Topwater plugs early and live shrimp and DOAs under popping corks later in the day are the top bait choices.If you can make it out there and the wind hasn’t muddied the water too much, Abruscato said the Shoals are holding nice specks, too. A lot of folks have been wading while throwing topwater plugs and MirrOlures,air jordan 12. Abruscato added that redfish are still thick on the stumps along Grand Bay’ north shore and that hoards of white trout could show up any day around the platforms in lower Mobile Bay.Wayne Miller said the river rises will obviously impact fishing from the mid-Delta north as water and the fish once again move into the woods.The lower Delta bays along the Causeway should hold up, he said, if the wind doesn’t whip them into a coffee-color froth.Chris Vescey at Sam’s in Orange Beach said cobia are still running the beaches in decent numbers, although there aren’t as many migrating through as there were a couple of weeks ago. These fish are still being taken on a variety of both live baits and artificials. Vescey fished the beachfront for several hours on Monday and caught two fish west of Perdido Pass. His crew lost two others as well. All four of the fish ate feather jigs. The north wind should flatten the Gulf within a mile of Alabama’s beaches over the next few days,air jordan 11, creating perfect cobia sight-casting conditions.Both king and Spanish mackerel are still being caught just offshore as well. Trolling spoons and swimming plugs will take both mackerel. Schooling Spanish can be caught by casting small spoons and jigs on lighter gear, he said.The pompano bite has been very good in the surf in the past week. Fresh dead shrimp and sand fleas have worked best,air jordan.Vescey said to expect sheepshead and whiting to be mixed in.

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jcp-air max 2013

Watch the new commercial .
This bold, straightforward approach is admirable,air max 2013. Although rebranding itself as “”, ,offeringcollaborations with design guru ,Martha Stewart andluxury womenswear designer(of !) – and introducing fresh lineslike the recent – are smart ways to build interest andbring new shoppers into the store, ultimately a different level of effort is required to keep them. Shoppers still require great customer service, quality products and fair pricing. Customers still want bright stores, fun events and to feel thatthe brand reflects what is currentand relevant. Designer collaborations are awesome but you have to really advertise them,air max 2012, and you also have to maintain avibrant and responsivesocial media presence,air jordan sneakers. Listening is great, butimplementing real change that brings actual value to shoppers is even better.
is making strides to attract, engage, and retain customers through outreach efforts,air jordan shoes; its is FULL of customer feedback,air jordan 12. This feedback won’t help if jcp doesn’t act on it thoughtfully and quickly.
What do you think about jcp’s efforts? Vote in our poll by clicking H.

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Dr-air jordan retro 11

Dr. James Aucoin poses with the Foley High School newspaper staff at the USA/Mobile Press-Register High School Journalism Day awards banquet. I ve had the honor of speaking at the USA/Mobile Press-Register High School Journalism Day for the past three years. Previous sessions on social media and search engine optimization seemed to fall flat as none of the high schools had a website, and social media networks were blocked from their schools internet. This year seems to mark a turn in how Mobile and Baldwin county schools approach social media and digital journalism. Three of the four schools at today s newspaper workshop currently operate Twitter accounts: , and . They use the social platform to share information about upcoming events at their school, sports scores and other and stories on their website, and Baker High School postsHornet Herald staff members pose with their newspaper awards and raffle winnings at the USA/Mobile Press-Register High School Journalism Day in Mobile, Ala,air jordan retro 11., on Wednesday, May 1,air jordan 12, 2013. As I read their entries for the newspaper contest, I saw how important social media has become to our teens. They wrote about interacting with teachers through social media,air max 95, which is still banned at some schools, and how the Mean Girls trend of burn books has transitioned to Twitter.As these students come of age in a constantly connected world, it s important that they learn not only how to use these tools,air jordan, but how to avoid common problems and pitfalls that digital journalists face. Teenage turmoil mixed with a perpetual online presence can be a recipe for disaster. As the burn books containing insults and insulting photos go online, the repercussions no longer exist just in the moment of embarrassment, but online forever. Even deleting a hurtful post does not guarantee it has completely disappeared.After spending the day with Mobile s teenagers, I m confident that these smart, capable journalists will make good choices and even teach us a thing or two about social media in the newsroom. What do you think?Should high schools embrace social media, and let their students and teachers reach out over the new medium?Or should Facebook, Twitter and other social networks be banned from high school campuses,air jordan shoes?Please share your opinions in the comments section.

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A Baldwin County grand jury has added to the legal woes of a former football standout at Spanish Fort High School-air jordan 13

A Baldwin County grand jury has added to the legal woes of a former football standout at Spanish Fort High School.Deon “D.J.” Johnson, 19, was arrested in 2012 on charges in two rape cases.The grand jury indicted Johnson on charges in those two cases and in a third case in which he is charged with first-degree rape.Deon “D.J.” Johnson, indicted by a grand jury.Johnson’s next court date is set for May 22.Details of the three cases pending against Johnson have not been made public. The indictments do not list Johnson’s accusers by name. They are identified only by three different sets of initials. Johnson, a wide receiver, was recruited by the University of Alabama before he was arrested.He committed to playing football at the school, but the offer was taken away.Johnson was indicted April,air jordan 13. 19. He was served with the indictments Tuesday.Johnson’s legal troubles began Sept. 6 when he was arrested on charges of second-degree rape and second-degree sodomy. He was released from the Baldwin County Corrections Center the same day of his arrest on bail of $20,000. In Alabama,cheap air jordans, second-degree rape is when someone 16 years old or older has sex with a member of the opposite sex who is younger than 16 and older than 12. The sexual act must have occurred when the defendant was two years older than the other person.Johnson also was arrested Sept. 25 on a first-degree rape charge,air max 2012. He was released from jail after posting bail of $25,000 the following day.In both cases in which Johnson is suspected of first-degree rape,air jordan, he is accused of having sex with the girls by “forcible compulsion,” according to the indictments,air max 2013.Forcible compulsion is defined as making someone have sex through physical force or a threat that puts the person in fear of death or physical injury. The threat can be expressed or implied.Johnson was sent back to jail in February after the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office asked a judge to revoke Johnson’s bond. The District Attorney’s Office filed a motion that accused Johnson of violating the conditions of his release.The motion accused Johnson of contacting a victim in one of the cases against him. It also said Johnson used a computer to communicate with underage girls about sexual encounters he was planning to have with the girls.

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South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said this week that he thinks college football players and basketball players should get paid-air jordan sneakers

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said this week that he thinks college football players and basketball players should get paid,air jordan sneakers. What do you think? (AP Photo/John Raoux)As the SEC announced the formation of its on Thursday, South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier figured it was as good a time as any to discuss a topic near and dear to his heart: paying players.”As the commissioner and the presidents and the athletic directors all say, we are going to make a whole lot more money,” Spurrier told . “My question is, ‘When are we going to start giving a little bit of it to the performers?’ Football and basketball players. It won’t do any good probably, but I’m going to still keep yelling for them. They bring in an awful lot of money for all of us.”The debate about paying players has been raging for years.Do players deserve to be compensated for their play above what they are getting in the form of a scholarship?And,air jordan, if so, can every university in the country afford to pay all athletes on campus?Take our poll and tell us where you stand on paying college athletes below.
amp;amp;lt;a href=”” amp,cheap air jordan 12;amp;gt,air jordan 12;Do you think college athletes should get paid in addition to their scholarships? amp;amp;lt;/a amp,air jordan retro 11;amp;gt;

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Geno Smith has parted ways with his agent just days after the NFL draft-air jordan

Geno Smith has parted ways with his agent just days after the NFL draft. (AP Photo/Christopher Jackson)Quarterback Geno Smith has fired his agent, just days after slipping out of the first round of the NFL draft,air jordan.The former West Virginia star was drafted by the New York Jets in the second round with the 39th overall pick,air jordan 11.”I don’t want to shed too much light on it,air max 2013,” he told SiriusXM. “The thing that I can tell you is that it’s not because of the whole draft experience. It’s not because of one particular incident. There are a number of things, and that story, you know, that battle will be fought on a different day. As of right now, I don’t feel too comfortable talking about all the details of it.” first reported Smith leaving Jeff Nalley of the Houston-based Select Sports Group.Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News tweeted that Smith was under the impression he was going to be drafted with the first overall pick in the draft.However, , Smith didn’t make the decision based on where he was drafted,air jordan shoes.”First and foremost,air jordan retro 11, I want to make it known that I was never bitter about where I was selected because it’s a great selection,” Smith said. “Like I’ve always stated, whether it was one or the last pick of the draft, I was going to come in with the right mentality and that’s to get better and compete daily. I’m extremely ecstatic to be a part of the Jets organization… I’m glad they picked me where they did.”

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SEC’s Mike Slive: College sports should work within NCAA-air max 2013

SEC’s Mike Slive: College sports should work within NCAA, but considering alternatives may be needed
SEC Commissioner Mike Slive expressed disappointment that an option for a $2,000 stipend to college athletes has not been passed by the NCAA. Two years ago, allowing athletes to be paid for the actual cost of attending college. The stipend was delayed again recently, highlighting the struggle between financial haves and have-nots in college sports that could threaten the Division I model. To that end, Slive came as close as he has to drawing a line in the sand about whether wealthy schools might ever create a new NCAA subdivision or leave the association altogether. “When there are certain things that many of us would like to come into play, it’s our hope that those things can all occur in the current system,” Slive said today during an Associated Press Sports Editors meeting at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame,air max 2013. “Obviously, if things like that don’t get accomplished, then it may be appropriate to talk about some alternative or division or something like that. But that’s not our desire. That’s not our goal and that’s not something we’re trying to get to.” Slive stressed he has not been involved in any serious conversations “up to this point” about a new division or organization. He expressed disappointment that NCAA members haven’t passed the allowable extra $2,000 stipend for athletes. “It’s a disappointment that it’s not taken care of yet,” Slive said. “We truly believe that we ought to do more for our student-athletes than just the room, board, books and tuition. We’re hopeful that we can continue to make that work. … I think it’s fair to say it’s an idea that’s not going to go away.” NCAA President Mark Emmert had hoped to unveil a new stipend plan this month, Middle Tennessee State President Sidney McPhee, who heads the NCAA committee working on the stipend, he’s not confident a proposal can be passed by all of the membership. “One answer to that is you don’t throw up your hands and walk away and say we can’t find a solution,” SEC Executive Associate Commissioner Greg Sankey said. “If it’s a principle-based issue, and obviously it was with us two summers ago, you don’t just stop building consensus.That’s why I think it was positive to take a step back and look at a broad range of options. Now, that still doesn’t provide a magic pill. There may not be one here.” Sankey said the SEC has adjusted its expectations during the cost-of-attendance conversations and others must continue adjusting, too. “Hopefully, it will come to some common ground where an idea can be adopted and then implemented in relatively short order,air jordan 13,” he said.The stipend issue is one of several headaches on the plate of Emmert. Lately, there have been complaints nationally that some athletics directors aren’t plugged in to relevant NCAA issues, and that presidents and chancellors shouldn’t be running college sports.”(Emmert) has been confronted with what I think are some very significant issues, and many of them don’t reflect well on the NCAA,” Slive said. “Notwithstanding the fact that our athletic directors and presidents and chancellors are very well intuned to the national issues, there are people who don’t feel that way. I think it’s important that he begin to address those issues.” In other news from Slive’s Q A with the media: * Slive expects more 9-game talk.The Big Ten is switching to nine conference games in 2016, joining the Big 12 and Pac-12 with nine. Ever since the SEC expanded, switching to nine games has hung over the conference — and it’s not going away. “Obviously the playoff impacts how we think about scheduling,” Slive said. “Strength of scheduling will be a significant component in the committee’s analysis. As far as I am concerned, I am open-minded about how we should schedule and I anticipate continued discussions about how we schedule in the future.” Slive said the SEC has not discussed eliminating playing Football Championship Subdivision opponents. The Big Ten is gradually ending that practice. * Future SEC bowl talks heat upWith the Chick-fil-A and Cotton bowls headed to the College Football Playoff rotation in 2014,air jordan retro 11, the SEC is looking to replace both games. Slive said there will be serious conversations over the next several weeks with current and prospective bowl partners on agreements that could be completed before the summer. “Everybody is anxious because of this particular change,” Slive said,air jordan 11. “We’re deeply into thinking about it now.” reported earlier this year the possibility of a shared bowl rotation between the SEC, Big 12, Big Ten and ACC involving games such as the Alamo, Music City and Belk bowls. The goal would be to maximize matchups.”I’m inclined to think that in the bowls we’ve been in and any bowls we’d consider we’d probably be stable in those bowls,” Slive said. “Now, who we play is another matter and how that’s constructed is another matter.” * Is realignment done?The ACC’s 15-year extension of granting its media rights to the league triggered widespread discussion that conference realignment has been stabilized. “I think that might be a fair assessment,cheap air jordan 12,” Slive said. “Now, I can never speak for anybody else. But I think that given all the issues that are out there, having stability would be something we ought to be striving for, and it’s certainly my hope that we have it.”* SEC basketball strugglesSlive said he is concerned the SEC only had three men’s basketball team in the NCAA Tournament. He hopes the SEC office can play a larger role in scheduling basketball. “There’s an inner relationship between our schools in terms of how one school schedules and how it impacts other schools,” Slive said. “No schools are an island when it comes to scheduling basketball. We’re going to take a very hard look at who our people play in nonconference. … Last year I don’t think was indicative of who we are in basketball.” Slive declined to comment on’s report earlier this month that the the league’s coordinator of basketball officials. Slive said he does not comment about personnel.E-mail:

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Huntsville vocal sextet Committed performs Sunday at the Panoply Arts Festival-cheap air jordans

Huntsville vocal sextet Committed performs Sunday at the Panoply Arts Festival. (Matt Wake | mwake@al,cheap air
— Earlier turned sections of the Panoply Arts
Festival grounds into puddles Sunday, but they couldn’t dampen the warm
melodies emanating from the Valley Jubilee Stage in the afternoon.
Huntsville-based sextet delivered a compelling set
of a cappella R B to around 200 fans in a nearly full tent.
The group opened their 4 p.m. April 28 show with their version of
Black Eyed Peas’ 2009 hit “I’ve Gotta Feeling,” which was much more soulful and
textured than the original. Given the earlier storms that delayed Panoply’s
opening from noon to 3:30 p.m., the song’s familiar refrain of “Tonight’s gonna
be a good good night” took on surprising poignancy.
“We flew into town from Philly,” Commitment singer Maurice Staple
said from the stage. “All we kept talking about was how we love performing for
the hometown crowd.”
Committed also features Robbie Pressley, Tommy Gervais, DJ
Baptiste, Geston Pierre and Theron Thomas.” Their Panoply set also ventured
into covers of artists ranging from Maroon 5 to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Michael
Jackson and Akon.
Besides Committed’s standout set here are four more reasons
Panoply prevailed Sunday, despite the less-than-ideal weather.
The fans
Huntsville resident Roz McGucken
was one of dozens of fans lined up at Panoply’s Gate One on Williams Street,
waiting for the festival to open at 3:30 p.m. “I’ve been coming to this for
years, and I wanted to support the arts,” said McGucken, a product manager by
Despite the gray skies and chilly
temperatures, within minutes of opening Panoply grounds were respectively
populated, given the circumstances,air max 2012.
The volunteers
“This an amazing team of volunteers,” said Arts Council executive
director Allison Dillon-Jauken just before Panoply gates opened Sunday. “We
also work so close with city and county, and it’s all been a great team effort
this afternoon to make the alternate weather plans. So we’ll be able to continue
with our performances this evening, have great artists in our market place,
great festival food.”

Although Sunday events for Panoply 2013 were delayed due to weather, a small number of people turned out to enjoy the last day of the event, which featured a few remaining artists and musical performances. Imani Taylor, 6, poses for the camera while standing inside artist Johanna Littleton’s tent. (Sarah Cole/
gallery (29 photos)
More than 120 year-round committee chairs and 1,800
volunteers working four-hour shifts throughout the weekend power Panoply. On Sunday as rain soaked the festival’s Big
Spring International Park grounds, volunteers called musicians and visual
artists to coordinate scheduling shift and notify those performing before 3:30
p.m. their sets were cancelled. Volunteers pushed water off of tent tops that
had pooled there. They spread hay to absorb wetness on the ground. The dried-off
folding chairs under the tents. Amber Farris is one of Panoply’s volunteers.
“We have Concerts in the Park coming up, so I’m sure a lot
of the artists unable to perform here will be pushed into some of those, Farris
said. “And we hope to reach out to them to come back and play Panoply next
The Homegrown Talent Contest will be rescheduled for early
“There’s always that perennial question, ‘Is the last weekend
in April just the wrong weekend to do Panoply?’” Dillon-Jauken said. “What we’ve
found is it’s April in North Alabama, and no weekend is a guarantee. Many years
ago, Panoply was a Mother’s Day weekend event. Quite frankly, any weekend in April
or May is going to be a challenge,air jordan shoes, much like 2011 when we lost the entire
weekend to the tornados. We’re very thankful it was just thunderstorms today. For
those of us working in the arts, we’re used to improvising.”
The food
Panoply 2013 featured some standout festival food, including
those from Pensacola vendor Go Greek, which won Best Entr e in the Taste of Panoply
contest Friday for its seafood quesadilla and crabcakes. “My crew works really
hard,” Go Greek owner Deno Petersen said Friday. They also received the Best
Booth award. J M Concessions, which
netted Best Specialty for a sprinkle-coated caramel apple whose appearance
could best be described as “disco.” Taste of Panoply judges included Burritt on
the Mountain marketing director Elizabeth Jones,air max 95, the U.S,air jordan 13. Army’s Jim Stepien
and his young son Gage Stepien, Panoply volunteer Demetria Cruz and yours
truly, Huntsville Times and entertainment reporter.
The price
Although Panoply was eventual able to continue Sunday, the heart
of Big Spring Park was well-soaked. For safety reasons, this necessitated cancellation
of several activities that were to take place there, including the Global Village,
student art and kids’ activities. So Panoply officials made the decision to make
Sunday admission free.
“As we were getting later in the day and knew we would have
limited programming and that some areas of the park are just inaccessible right
now, we wanted to be offer it for free to the public,” Dillon-Jauken said.

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MONTGOMERY-air jordan sneakers

MONTGOMERY,air jordan sneakers, Alabama —The Republican majority in the Alabama House of
Representatives moved quickly to cut off debate tonight and pass a bill to amend the
Alabama Accountability Act,air jordan shoes, angering Democrats just as they did on Feb. 28 when
the law first passed,air jordan retro 11.
The vote came about 45 minutes into the debate on the bill,
which would add a single sentence to the controversial law that passed the
Legislature on Feb. 28,air jordan.
“This is Democracy at its worst,” said Rep. A.J. McCampbell, D-Livingston.House Democrats had planned to offer amendments to the proposal,air max 95, including one that would prohibit lawmakers and constitutional officers from receiving the tax credits provided under the new law, passed earlier this session.But they had not offered amendments when the move to cut off debate came.”The process has been subverted, yet again,” said Rep. Joe Hubbard, D-Montgomery. The Alabama Accountability Act allows families with children zoned for public schools designated as failing to receive tax credits to help pay tuition at a private school or a better public school.The bill to amend the law, by Rep. Jim Carns, R-Mountain Brook, would add language to the law saying that no school, public or private, would be required to accept a student transferring from a failing school under the law. It passed by a vote of 62-40 and now goes to the Senate.Rep. Chad Fincher, R-Semmes, sponsor of the bill that became the Alabama Accountability Act, handled the bill tonight because Carns was not feeling well.Updated at 9:30 p.m. to say that debate has begun on bill.Updated at 10:19 p.m. to say that bill has passed.

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Roma-air jordan 11

Roma, 30-04-2013

“In qualita’ di ministro per le Pari Opportunita, ma soprattutto come donna, desidero confermare la mia forte solidarieta’ alla collega Cecile Kyenge, per i vili epiteti razzisti che le sono stati rivolti sulla rete in alcuni siti web”.
Cosi’ Josefa Idem, commenta l’episodio di razzismo che ha riguardato la collega di governo, preannunciando di aver dato mandato all’Ufficio Nazionale Antidiscriminazione di avviare un’istruttoria.
L’Unar, ha spiegato in una nota il ministro Idem, “ha prontamente avviato un’istruttoria sulla fattispecie che costituisce un reato ai sensi della legge Mancino per l’istigazione all’odio razziale”. L’Ufficio,air jordan 11, ha detto ancora il ministro, “ha chiesto subito alla polizia postale la rimozione dal web delle espressioni razziste, che nulla hanno a che vedere con la libera espressione del pensiero”.

Insulti da BorghezioL’eurodeputato leghista Mario Borghezio, dopo le accuse di incompetenza al ministro dell’Integrazione Cecile Kyenge,air max 2012, perche’ di origine congolese e per essersi espressa a favore della cittadinanza ai figli degli stranieri,air jordan retro 11, oggi ha rincarato la dose. Incurante delle polemiche suscitate dalle sue parole di ieri e dagli insulti circolati sui siti di estrema destra, oggi ha parlato di “governo del bonga bonga”. A difesa della neoministra, la presidente della Camera Laura Boldrini e numerosi esponenti del Pd e di Sel, ma anche qualcuno della Lega Nord,cheap air jordans. Cecile Kyenge in un tweet ringrazia per la solidarieta’.

“Ringrazio per la partecipata attenzione e vicinanza che mi esprimete. Credo che anche le critiche insegnino se ci si confronta con rispetto”. Lo scrive su Twitter il ministro dell’Integrazione Cecile Kyenge,cheap air jordan 12.

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